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Power communities

To achieve the goal of energy self-sufficiency in condominiums, BI Energia proposes two approaches:   


  • bottom-up, which provides, where technically and economically feasible, the construction of plants in individual units to meet their electrical needs and within the condominium to meet the electrical needs of the condominium, in addition to integrating / completing the housing units that comprise it;     

  • the other top-down, which provides, where it is not technically and economically possible to approach bottom-up, building "condominial" plants, inside or outside the area of ​​the condominium itself.


Both approaches proposed by BI Energia are based on products (smart meters, LED-PV lamps) and systems (nanogrids) made in Italy by Creta Energie Speciali, which is a company of the Imprese Group and Sviluppo, in which it is also part of BI Energy.


In both approaches, if more than one consumer is consuming the same generation it is necessary to make a contract between the different customers (condominium with individual units or more than one individual unit). In this case, when informing the local generation distributor, a percentage of generation should be defined for each unit. When the percentage of generation is greater than the consumption of the unit, the credit a will be compensated within the same consumer unit in a period of 60 months.

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